LifeLine Westrand


Communities throughout Southern Arica embracing emotional wellness, mobilizing for social change and building a collective community heart with caring and courageous responses to their challenges


  • Engage communities in active dialogue and participation.
  • Seek understanding of the unique dynamics, strengths and challenges of each community.
  • Stimulate growth for individuals and communities, build action teams and promote volunteerism.
  • Support sustainable social change and emotional wellness ownership in/for/with/by communities.


We hold a set of guiding principles that govern the way we work and engage with communities.


We believe in the value of Emotional Wellness and we practice what we preach by seeking ways to pursue it for ourselves and others.


We deeply respect and value the differences in people and culture and believe that Emotional Wellness is a universal human need.


We commit to do all we can to promote and facilitate Emotional Wellness.


We want to get out of old moulds and mindsets and apply fresh thinking in our quest for Emotional Wellness for All.

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